Standard louvers

Are you looking for standard ventilation louvers? Your wishes will be specified into a high-end finished product.

Standard Louvers

The basic system consists of a ventilation louver with a lamella type from a wide selection. The louver can be used in combination with a weld-in, glue-in frame or removable supports.
A range of options is available to complement the standard system, including storm shutters, spray shutters, wire mesh filter, mist eliminator and water traps. See our page downloads with options.

To prevent interrupting the aesthetic lines of the yacht, the lamellas can be placed in any desired angle in a free-hand design. This avoids interference with the architectural design of the yacht. Ventilation Louvers with rounded corners, futuristic designs, hingeable grill, moveable lamella’s or even with 3D forms are possible.


Design, develop and realise

Measuring into 3D or directly from the sketch

Using the latest technology, the shape or the pattern in the ventilation louvers are measured in 3D.


Full testing with advanced simulation

If required, a new custom design louver will be tested at FlowGrill using sophisticated CFD software. This enables simulating air flows.


From concept to realisation

Close collaboration with the customer is a key theme. Optimal results are realised when price, quality and service are perfectly balanced.


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