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This is how we work

In order to combine a stylish design with a good technical and cost price matching product, advice from our consultants is desirable from the start of the design. There are more possibilities than we can show on this website. FlowGrill makes an inventory of the most important wishes prior to the final quote. During the ongoing project, continuous support is provided up to the delivery of the yacht.



Combining functionality and design. The key benefit of using 3D designs is the spatial insight into the construction. The construction engineers frequently assist the architects in converting a design into a feasible specification. Part of the advice consists of making airflow calculations. The result of this shows the pressure loss and the air speed related to the noise level and vibrations.

Then FlowGrill visualises this design, which can then be offered for approval.


The large and curved recesses in the yacht are measured by using 3D measuring equipment. The measured data is then converted into usable lines. Hereafter, the engineering department can start to prepare the drawings.


The 3D production drawings are prepared by using 3D measuring equipment, templates or supplied client data.  The direct connection between the 3D CAD system and the production machines minimises production errors.

The engineering department uses Creo engineering tool which is compatable with the file types: IGES, STEP, DWG en DXF.


Collaborating with carefully selected partners enables us to produce any part with appropriate care. The materials aluminium, stainless steel, composite or plastics are processed into high-quality products using state-of-the-art technology.


Our surface treatment starts with a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning and pre-treatment process in various immersion baths. This process is performed automated to ensure that every product receives the same thorough pre-treatment.

This cleaning process provides the first protection for corrosion and an extremely good bonding of the first layer coating to the material.


After the pre-treatment, several layers of marine coatings are applied.

The first layers of paint are applied by means of powder coating and these ensure a hard and good covering layer. The powder coating also improves the anti-corrosion properties of the treated product.

Last layers are the famous yacht paints prescribed by the yards and specialists.


Complex projects are pre-assembled and packaged with the associated fixing materials. This enables quick and problem-free on-site mounting.


Assembly on board of a luxury superyacht requires experience and craftsmanship. Each project is unique and must be assembled and finished with the necessary expertise. FlowGrill guarantees  excellent quality and a high level of finish.

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