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Features - Spray-proof - 100% effective incl. water trap (according NEN-En 13030:2011) - Developed to integrated in FlowGrill louver package - Possibility to use as a stand alone product - Open/ closed position indication - Light weight - Seawater resistant - Easy to install - Easy to clean - Available in black & white - Manually operated (Pneumatic or electrical is an option)

FlowGrill serves the global yacht building industry with a wide range of innovative solutions that excel in terms of design, reliability and durability. Through years of experience FlowGrill has developed the “Spray Shutter”. The Spray Shutter is made from a high-quality synthetic material, which is perfect for most extreme weather conditions and is very durable. Because the Spray Shutter is installed behind the louver, the appearance of the design is not distorted. The Spray Shutter can easily be operated manually.

Pneumatic or electrical control is optional

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