In addition to our ventilation grilles with mounting frame, we provide various options to largely prevent the ingress of dust and water particles. The options we offer are: storm shutter, plastic spray shutter, plastic mist eliminator, plastic wire mesh filter and water trap. You will find detailed explanations on our download page.

FlowGrill has also developed a standard launcher with a Lloyd`s type approval.


Brief description of the different options.

Storm shutter: In case of severe weather, the storm shutter can be placed in front of the grill and closing the ventilation. To be able to close the grill completely.

Plastic Spray Shutter: In severe weather, the spray shutter can be closed manually or automatically, so that as little water and dust as possible can penetrate. Also available as a Lloyds tested type.

Plastic Mist Eliminator: The mist eliminator ensures that the water particles are removed and filtered from the air flow.

Plastic Wire Mesh filter: This is eventualy placed after the mist eliminator and ensures that dust, sand, salt, and the remaining water particles are collected.

Water trap: is a barrier, often prescribed by Lloyds, to stop free flowing water caused by waves.

Life Raft Launcher: Suitable for the Viking DK 25 life raft - The system can be manually tested - Launching using a quick-release - can be mounted to a flat or angular surface - Available with a hingeable bulwark- Designed in accordance with the SOLAS standard - Lloyds approved


Design, develop and realise

Measuring into 3D or directly from the sketch

Using the latest technology, the shape or the pattern in the ventilation louvers are measured in 3D.


Full testing with advanced simulation

If required, a new custom design louver will be tested at FlowGrill using sophisticated CFD software. This enables simulating air flows.


From concept to realisation

Close collaboration with the customer is a key theme. Optimal results are realised when price, quality and service are perfectly balanced.


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