Composite technologies

Besides FlowGrill`s ventilation louvers made of aluminium or stainless steel, we produce and deliver ventilation grilles made of different types of composite.
With specialized knowledge, FlowGrill has developed composite technologies so that a number of standard lamella types are now available in composite material as well.
FlowGrill has already realized a large number of projects with specially shaped composite lamellas.

Composite Ventilation Louvers

Composites play a major part for ventilation grills largely due to the versatility and impressive properties of these materials. The initial cost of the composite products is, depending on the chosen raw materials and production method, more expensive, but the savings over the lifespan of the product tip the balance in favour of composites.

FlowGrill can supply a wide range of top end composite equipment. To find out more about the wide scope of marine specialized products please contact us.


Design, develop and realise

Measuring into 3D or directly from the sketch

Using the latest technology, the shape or the pattern in the ventilation louvers are measured in 3D.


Full testing with advanced simulation

If required, a new custom design louver will be tested at FlowGrill using sophisticated CFD software. This enables simulating air flows.


From concept to realisation

Close collaboration with the customer is a key theme. Optimal results are realised when price, quality and service are perfectly balanced.



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